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Gentle Yoga- Introduces fundamental practice while focusing on breathing & posture. Perfect for beginners and those seeking continued understanding of yoga practice. GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!

Room temperature is 74-78 degrees ALL LEVELS

Yin Yoga- Yin yoga is a passive style of Hatha yoga that asks participants to hold postures for longer. This loner hold of poses is done to strengthen, lengthen, and provide therapeutic release to joint, muscles, ligaments, facial and other connective tissues. Yin is done lying on your mat. You learn to tune out the daily grind and focus on slowing down and listening to your body, you will learn to totally surrender, mind and body, to your practice. Room temperature is 74-78 degrees

Slow Flow Vinyasa- Mindful, soft vinyasa yoga with attention to breath. A slower paced class with longer holds for those searching for a relaxing yoga experience while exploring the details of breath and alignment. Room Temperature 74-78 degrees

Restorative Yoga- The main focus of Restorative Yoga is that by relaxing in poses, with the aid of props, without strain or pain, we can achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Restorative yoga classes are very relaxing and slow paced. Props, like blocks, bolsters, blankets and straps are used so that you are supported in your pose comfortably. You will then hold the pose for an extended period of time. This practice is great to balance an active yoga schedule.

Our parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated when we relax into poses, which promotes a relaxation response and reduces stress in our bodies.

Vinyasa Flow-Vinyasa, also called "flow" because of the smooth way that the poses run together, is one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga. It's a broad classification that encompasses many different types of yoga, including Ashtanga and power yoga. Vinyasa allows for a lot of variety, but will almost always include sun salutations. Expect to move, sometimes vigorously, from pose to pose. Whether the class is fast or slow, includes advanced poses, or is very alignment-oriented will depend on the individual teacher. Room Temperature 74-78 

Beats & Bliss- This dynamic yoga is designed to challenge, awaken  your muscle and tissue systems. It guides members towards greater awareness of self as it sculpts both mind & body. Be prepared to sweat to some upbeat music! Intermediate/advanced

Room Temperature is 74-78 degrees

Buti(R) Yoga- Buti in Indian Marathi, means "the cure to something hidden or kept secret." This practice is a high-intensity fusion of yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics. Classes combine cardio, strength training and flexibility in one seamless format. Buti creates a strong, empowered group that resembles a tribe. Room Temperature 78 degrees


R.I.P.P.E.D.- One stop body shock! This total body, high intensity style workout utilizes free weights, resistance, and body weight which masterfully combines the components of R.I.P.P.E.D.— Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics and Endurance. It helps tone & slim the body with motivating music! Can burn up to 750/1000 calories! SHOES REQUIRED for this class!

Barefoot Bootcamp- This 30 minute fusion class of HIIT & Power Yoga guides students through 20 second bursts and 10 second rest periods. This maximizes your burn for not only the class, but the whole day! 

Barre Intensity- This fuses Yoga, Pilates, & ballet barre to encourage: body sculpting, fat burning, muscle lengthening, & cardio. Perfect for the thighs and abdominal work.


POUND® is the world's first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. SHOES or NO SHOES, up to participant.

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